Spelling of noun for "absorbing" or "absorption"

This question is a lazy question from the OP. He did not do any research on his own. The problem can easily be solved by using a dictionary. Absorbtion is a common error and it is not present in a dictionary. So if he tried, he could get the answer himself. Hence I suggest this question should be closed in no time.

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In theory, yes. But the author made it clear that his source material was not clear (or possibly mistaken) on the matter. So it isn't a dictionary question, per se.

The problem was when the user said "I read some articles," nobody inquired where those articles were. By looking at the source material, the community could have cited the error cleared up the confusion. But I suspect there wasn't any such material. In that case, you could simply refer them to a dictionary and politely close it as off topic.

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    I think if it had been asked on ELU I might endorse keeping it open (someone might produce an explanation of exactly why "absorption" doesn't follow the normal derivation pattern). But given this is English Language Learners, it seems to me there's nothing really to add to the only existing answer, so it might as well be closed. Feb 7, 2013 at 0:58
  • I concur with FumbleFingers. And, I think FF should add this as an answer. The OP did some research, but could have done more. No matter, the question was quite adequately answered in one go. Closure is appropriate.
    – Mark G B
    Nov 7, 2015 at 2:46

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