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Mar 19 '19 at 18:37 comment added FumbleFingers As any fule kno, I too have sometimes made mistakes! In which context a conversation I had with my 20-something daughter last night is relevant. When I was her age, I was axiomatically in favour of capital punishment for certain crimes (always thought we should just shoot Ian Brady and be done with it, not lock him up for life). I'd essentially switched to the opposite position by the time my daughter was born, but now and then (in the immediate wake of things like the NZ shooting, for example) I switch again. What I mean is, anyone can change their mind, and inconsistency isn't a mortal sin.
Mar 19 '19 at 18:27 comment added ColleenV And I could fix that “know” that should be “known” but I think it’s funny. I have also been accused of enjoying stupid humor too much ;p I didn’t take offense. I am sincere in suggesting that you speak up if you think I acted too hastily. Maybe I missed something that you saw.
Mar 19 '19 at 18:24 comment added FumbleFingers I didn't mean to be critical of your decisions! So far as I'm concerned, mods in general and you in particular (usually? :) make very good decisions. But I certainly know that at least sometimes, I find myself thinking that perhaps you're under a little more pressure than the likes of me when it comes to taking account of what's good for the site as a whole, in the long run (in particular, defining and upholding standards).
Mar 19 '19 at 18:12 comment added ColleenV You’re always free to vote to reopen or raise the issue on meta. I know it may come as a shock, but I have been know to make mistakes on rare occasions ;) usually if I don’t leave a comment it is because someone has previously received guidance and repeatedly ignored it. I do check back on questions I’ve closed and see if they’ve been edited. If an attempt was made to fix the problem I reopen them.
Mar 19 '19 at 18:08 comment added FumbleFingers @ColleenV♦: Indeed. But like I said, I think the primary thrust of the question as asked here is about lack of research, which is very different to lack of details. And since we're on that point, I'll just say that I have sometimes been just a little surprised to see that you've actually closed a question for that second reason, where I'd have been more likely to post a comment asking for more detail (besides which, even if I did closevote, there might not be 4 others agreeing with me, to see the process through).
Mar 19 '19 at 17:55 comment added ColleenV There are no "stupid" questions, but there are unclear questions. The goal of asking for detail is not to set some artificial quality threshold, but to make sure that we're answering the question that the author intended to ask. It's really difficult to ask questions about a language you're learning using the language that you're learning! It's also very easy for people to assume they know what you're talking about based on what they think is difficult about a language they know quite well and be completely wrong because they don't share the learner's perspective.
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